Are my questions really that deep? I didnt think they were...

Sometimes simple is deep. It depends on who you ask and what part of their life they are in. You're changing the world Taity... Changing the world...

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What's one thing you wish you could *eradicate* during the holiday season?


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is your favourite animal the same as your favourite balloon animal?

To be honest, I haven't really thought about it...Though if I see a cool enough balloon animal, I think that would change my favorite animal to THAT animal instead. Balloons win. Totally. lol

Ask me anything

Ninja Tutrles rock!

Check out this awesome ninja turtle I made at Vallartas in Land O' Lakes.

All Artists Welcome!

This is going to be a photo journal of Balloon Photos. If you are a balloon artist and would like to post, send me your name and email and I will give you the permisions needed to post balloon photos.

Please follow the following format:

Made By:

I look forward to posting photos and having many of you post them as well!